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Venue Logistics for Large Audiences

The WAMware Demonstration Skills Class is generally held in a large conference room with video/PC projection, a sound system and, for more than 30 attendees, a stage.  Seating is normally arranged in "classroom style" with a writing table shared by two or more attendees or in a "theatre style" with seating only.  Preferred table/chair arrangement is in a herringbone style as depicted below.

Note:  The conference room should in no event be less than 12 meters (38 feet) wide.  Depth will be governed by total number of attendees.

Other specifics are:

Projection Screen (front or rear projection)
PC Projector and small table large enough to also hold a laptop (Wayne will provide laptop and remote radio-signal mouse)
Flip Chart and Markers (3 different colors preferred)
Sound System (room or standalone):
wireless microphone
connection for PC audio
Raised Stage (for audience sizes >30)
No podium needed
moderate/high over stage
moderate over audience
no spotlight needed