Preparing to conduct your own Demo Skills Workshop

posted Dec 29, 2012, 12:23 PM by Wayne McClelland   [ updated Dec 29, 2012, 1:47 PM ]
The following provides information for certified Trainers on how to prepare for a successful Demo Skills Workshop. “Attention to Details” will make all the difference.


Provide these checklists to your local workshop coordinator at least 45-to-60 days in advance of the workshop:
Check back with the coordinator 10 days before the workshop to make certain that all “check boxes are checked”

  • Review “WAMware-Demo-Skills-Workshop-TrainerNotes”
  • Review complete slide presentation (“WAMware-Demo-Skills-Workshop.ppsx”) at least 5 times
  • Night before workshop:
    • review all slides again
    • write bullet summary of all slides (1 page total)
    • rehearse Intro (slides 1-thru-8) aloud, without notes, in front of a mirror
Brought by You to the Workshop:
  • laptop PC
    • PowerPoint 2007+
    • video codecs as needed
    • SD card slot
  • portable audio system (e.g. Bose Computer MusicMonitor)
  • cordless remote (e.g. Logitech Cordless Presenter)
  • all Demo Skills Workshop files (the complete ZIP folder)
  • digital camera with video capture (e.g. Canon PowerShot with 8GB SD card; or iPhone with VGA or HDMI dongle to connect to projector)